Qatar-Singapore Joint Innovation Challenge

Fostering innovation and collaboration between Singapore-based startups and Qatari entities across critical sectors such as energy, environmental sustainability, insurance, and information technology.




Please locate the ‘Create an account’ button on the top of this challenge page and  sign up using a valid email address. Click ‘Participate’ to create your participation and submit your deliverables.Feel free to reach out to the Admins through the chat feature if you have any questions or concerns.

Once you have become a participant, announcements will be made via the platform chat on a regular basis to provide the latest updates about the challenge. Participants also have access to a dedicated chat with the Admins. Feel free to ask any questions there.

The Agorize platform’s customer support can answer any questions pertaining to the challenge.

You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration for the Qatar-Singapore Joint Innovation challenge platform. If you do not receive anything after registering, please reach out to [email protected] 

To update your details, please login on the challenge page and go to your participant profile to edit or change your details. Please note that you will not be able to change your email address. If you need to change your email address, you need to delete your account and create a new one with the desired email address.

In this challenge, only one person acts as a representative for his/her respective company. If your company is entering the challenge with an IHL partner, please reach out to [email protected] 


The challenge is open to all Singapore-registered startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as foreign-based startups and SMEs who are registered as a legal entity in Singapore within six (6) months of being appointed as a matched company.

Please take a look at the challenge statements tab to learn more about each challenge statement’s specific requirements and expectations.

This challenge is open to all Singapore-registered startups and SMEs and foreign-based startups and SMEs, registered as a legal entity in Singapore within six (6) months of being appointed as a matched company.

Singapore-based startups and SMEs can also decide to enter the competition in partnership with Large Local Enterprise (LLE) and Research Institute (RI). Please reach out to the admins if you are in this situation and need more information on that.

You are free to submit as many solutions as there are various problem statements. Check the complete list HERE.

For all challenge statements under the Qatar-Singapore Joint Innovation Challenge, the Organiser may support awarded innovators* with the Proof-of-Concept (“POC”) Development Grant (for eligible enterprises). Eligibility for the grant, actual quantum, early stage POC milestones tied to the grant and payment tranche(s) will be assessed by Enterprise Singapore, in consultation with the Qatar Research Development and Innovation Council (QRDI Council), the challenge owner and the awarded innovator.

In addition, the QRDI Council may offer financial support to awarded innovators* for the purpose of solution development and conducting pilot testing. The specific financial terms and conditions governing such support shall be negotiated and established through collaborative discussions involving the QRDI Council, the challenge owner, and the awarded innovator.

Eligibility criteria and conditions apply* 

*Both funding support will only be awarded to Singapore-registered startups and SMEs. Foreign-based startups and SMEs may be considered if they are registered as a legal entity in Singapore within six (6) months of being appointed as a matched company. For applications by a consortium or group of companies, the grant will be awarded to the lead applicant.



For the Application Phase, your startup/SME must fill in an application form and submit a 5-10 slide PDF that addresses the following:

  • Details of Applicant
    Executive Summary: provide a summary of the solution, technology and deliverables – tangible and intangible outcomes of the project (in less than 500 words).
    Detailed project proposal, including:
    • Technical feasibility of solution and novelty 
    • Effectiveness in addressing the challenge (how the solution can address requirements). 
    • Potential benefits (e.g. how is this solution novel/different from what is available currently, potential cost and manpower savings).
    • Operational feasibility: Potential end users/stakeholders onboarding plans.
    • Business feasibility of solution (commercialisation and scale up strategy, estimated commercial price, operating/maintenance/life cycle cost/business model).
    • Capacity and expertise to execute (capabilities and resources committed).
    • Details on POC/MVP if applicable; Desired deliverables/milestones and outcomes of projects (including but not limited to tech specs, project/product development schedule, key challenges to overcome).
    • Others (as specifically requested by Challenge Brief).


Refer to the timeline and guidelines tab for more information HERE.

A template is available for download on the participation space but you are not required to use it. It is provided merely as a guide.

If you don’t use the template, make sure that your PDF submission is no more than 10-slides and is written in English. Furthermore, please ensure that you’ve previewed your project, to ensure it is displayed correctly, prior to submitting it.

The deadline of the application is 1 March, 2024 23:59 SG time (GMT +8).

All submissions will be assessed based on the following criteria:

> Technical feasibility of solution and novelty (40%)

> Business feasibility of solution (30%)

> Capacity and expertise to execute projects (20%)

> Clarity & comprehensiveness of proposal and test plans (10%)



The clarification phase will commence from 9 April, 2024 to 29 April, 2024 where 1-on-1 clarification meetings will be organized by the respective challenge statement owners with shortlisted companies.

Shortlisted companies will have the option to submit a 20-slide maximum proposal deck and an introduction video by the founder, CEO or top management explaining the solution in around 2min.

Results announcement to the awarded companies will be done by May 2024.

The shortlisted companies will be connected with the challenge statement owners for further clarification and discussion, companies will have the option to submit, if they choose to, a 20-slide maximum proposal deck and an introduction video by the founder, CEO or top management explaining the solution in approximately 2min (non-compulsory).

All final deliverables will have to be submitted by 29 April, 2024.

The announcement for the matched companies will be made via the platform chat by May 2024, unless otherwise stated.